The phrase, “Down But Not Out”, has been my ethos, my way of approaching life ,certainly since I started working in the Music world. You know, all that ” fighting- your- corner- to- get- taken seriously- in- the- music industry ” stuff…… anyway, I thought, what better way to share this,than to print it onto clothing !!

So here we are, 5 years on and still fighting our corner.

We have tried to emulate some of the leading clothing companies …keeping our ideas simple, straight-forward and fresh, but reflecting our own very personal designs.

I also like the notion of keeping designs limited,so that if you buy something from us,I want YOU to feel like you are buying into something that’s exclusive, something a little different…

Anyway, if you want to follow up on what’s happening with all this or have any queries or comments, then go to the next page and email us. If not, I’ll see you on the road with You Me At Six ! Joshzilla.